RAS Projects


Aqua Vision Recirculated Aquaculture System is an Indoor system to culture all kinds of fish from salt to freshwater species like Barramundi, Tilapia, Grouper, Seabass, Seabream, Sturgeon,…etc.

Our Land-based aquaculture facilities create a means of producing seafood with a minimal impact on the ecosystem and the environment while reducing the carbon footprint of conventional seafood supply chains.

Aqua Vision RAS creates a highly-controlled environment to culture variety of fish kinds. This creates a controlled aquacultural setting to optimize growth, feed conversion ratio (FCR), and overall fish survival.

Advantages of Aqua Vision RAS

  • Recirculating and treating 99.5% of the water
  • Up to 50% reduced footprint
  • Efficient facility design that ensures biosecurity
  • Minimal operating and utility costs
  • Proven water treatment processes
  • The optimized feed conversion ratio

Aqua Vision semi-closed multi-tank aquaculture system utilizes proven water treatment technologies and is designed to maximize production while reducing pollution and water consumption. Based on our strong experience we are able to provide turnkey solutions for all kinds of fish species from fresh to seawater and cold to tropical water.


Our Equipment


Automatic Rotary Drum Filter

Biological filter

CO2 Degassing & UV Sterilizer Tower

Fish tank

Oxygen Cone

Oxygen generator

Ozone generator

Protein Skimmer

Sand filter

Screen filter

UV Steriliser

Water pumps