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Fresh Fish

Aqua Vision Fish farm is located in Wang Wauk in New South Wales, producing live and freshly chilled Barramundi and Silver perch.

We culture our barramundi through an environmentally friendly recirculated aquaculture system which uses minimal water with tight water quality control, to ensure amazingly flavoured fish.




Our Silver perch are cultured to perfection in large dams, and are continually monitored to ensure quality and taste. Our fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, healthy fats, protein and vitamins & minerals. Eating fish regularly as part of a balanced diet, may reduce the risk of a range of diseases and improve your overall health.

Aqua Vision Fish Farm can provide fish based on your size requirements.

Silver Perch

Silver Perch

Aquarium Fish Sales

We sell Aquarium Fish and can supply Barramundi of any size to aquarium owners looking to add Barramundi to their personal collection, or to pet shops for resale.




Aqua vision will supply you with optimal quality fresh fish, Customers can customise their order for their specific requirements.



Aqua vision produces a high-quality product that will compliment any menu. We produce the finest quality Barramundi and Silvers that you have ever tasted before. We provide samples of live and chilled products for testing if required.


Size & Weight

We have a complete range of sizes with bulk and whole fish supplies available on request.

Wholesale and Restaurants